Developing as a local project in Cluj in spring 2014, City Card aims to become a card for discounts and freebies addressed to both locals and tourists who are interested in discovering special places in the city, regardless of age of status. With a large community of people interested in the concept, the project reached its apogee in the summer of 2015, following its collaboration with Banca Comerciala Romana, the project being started and developed in Cluj has now arrived at a new level: to develop at the national level!

The BCR City Card and Top City Card project is already present in Cluj, Timisoara, Sibiu, and Brasov, and in 2016 promises to arrive in other medium to large cities in the country. Also, being a local project that has now extended to the national level, City Card places the cities of Romania in the realm of Euroaen cities that already benefit, in different ways, from this sort of city card type project.

In order to truly benefit from the advantages of this project, it is important to how the BCR City Card and Top City Card function. On our site you can find responses to the most frequent and relevant questions. Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of comment, suggestion, or recommendations!

What you should know about the card?

BCR City Card and Top City Card are cards that offer instant discounts in a network of partners which operates nationwide. For now, the discounts are available in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara, and Brasov, and soon in other large cities in the country.

The idea of the cards is to discover and to recommend various venues throughout Romania. The discounts and freebies are one of the ways through which we wish to help people decide to go out into the world and to discover these venues for themselves.

Through this initiative, BCR alongside Top City Card wants to revive domestic tourism. The cards were developed at the national level, come as an incentive for Romanians to travel more around the country, to realize that we have many beautiful places, whether commercial or cultural touristic, and to directly discover them.

The card, along with application and website will help you discover Romania with an advantage, will guide you towards the most beautiful places in every city where, in addition, you will benefit from various advantages (discounts and free services instantly offered)

We hope that you can use the mobile application as a kind of map or interactive tour guide that will guide you towards our cultural and commercial partners.

Which card suites me best?

These two types of cards satisfies the needs and preferences of every person who is interested in discovering Romania in a different manner; in a way that is dynamic, more interactive, and more advantageous. Being a frequently asked question, below you can check out the graphic and discover what each card offers.

BCR City Card


Top City Card


Age Required 14 – 30 years old over 18 years old
Bank Card Yes – see here for all the advantages offered No
How to get Issued on the spot Order online or buy at our partner venues
Price Issued freely 60 lei / card
Activation through depositing 50 lei + online activation
(you can use the 50 lei as you wish)
Duration of Validity 3 years after being issued – we can issue you a new card free of charge for life*
Application free free

*Attention: In case the card is lost or deterioates. this does NOT apply to Top City Card