Bike ride through the city and over the hills…

When we were small, we were always riding our bikes in front of the building or through the neighborhood, do you remember? As we grow, only the bravest of us kept our bikes and embarked’ on adventures through urban traffic that has yet to fully protect the safety of cyclists.

There are several projects in the country that are trying to revive this activity as pleasurable for leisure, relaxation, and joy. We would like to present two of them as Top City Card partners that are bring (back) bikes into our lives, whether in cities or in nature.

Cu bicicleta la plimbare 1

1. Bike Sensation

Nature and outdoor exercise lovers will be happy to discover Bike Sensation. Their tours aim to help discover the beauty of nature while on bikes, the idea being that while in cars or any other mode of transport you can not listen to birds singing, the rustle of wind or leaves, the murmur of flowing water…

Pedaling for a healthier lifestyle, Bike Sensation helps us reconnect with nature. The cycling tours organized by them can be as short as a weekend or as long as a week. You can reach the fortified churches in Transylvania, the Banat Mountains, Macin Mountains or through the Lilac Forest in Ponoare or simply around Bucharest, on blazed forest roads or mountain paths known only to locals.

During the holidays, we recommend you opt for one of the two big seven day tours:
– “Flight and pedals in Transylvania” – biking, paragliding, visiting fortified churches in Transylvania;
– “Mountainous Banat” – cycling, train ride, traditional meals.

City Card Offer: 15% discount on organized tours / 1 free spot if you bring a group of 8 other people
Click here to learn more about Bike Sensation

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2. My Eco Bike

If you want to enjoy both fresh air and the city, we recommend another project already present in several cities in Romania: My Eco Bike.

Through the activities undertaken, the project aims to encourage both a healthy lifestyle, and an alternative method of leisure. You can rent bicycles, electric scooters and cycles daily and can enjoy quality time spent in urban recreational spaces!

City Card Offer: for every 30 minutes paid at My Eco Bike, you recieve an additional 10 free minutes.
The project is already active in Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, Mehedinti, and Baile Felix.

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Photo credits (cover picture): Rares Sicoe