Culinary journey around the world with City Card

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania

We live in a period of great possibilities. A connected world. A world where a trip around the earth is no longer an unattainable ideal. Difficult, but not impossible.
City Card challenges you to start a culinary trip around the world, for a delicious serving of food is a gift that always transcends places full of charm!

Traveling through Romania, you have the opportunity to discover the culture of other countries. Food is one of the most reliable links between different worlds, a wonderful and delicious method of exploring different ways of being and living.

Want to discover dishes from around the world? City Card recommends those restaurants in Romania where, besides a delicious meal, you can also enjoy various discounts. If you would like to discover them in real time in a dynamic way, do not forget to download the Top City Card – Guide (iOS, Android) app!

Off we go! Our first stop is …


India, a world that has fascinated Western civilization for centuries, a source of spiritual and cultural inspiration that can be found in our dear city, Cluj-Napoca. Perhaps the most accessible version of it: culinary. Indigo Restaurant in Cluj-Napoca opens the gate into this universe of exotic spices and harmonious seasonings. At Indigo Restaurant you benefit from a 10% discount on food with City Card!

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania restaurant indigo
Our next destination in a culinary trip around the world …


One of the oldest civilizations of the world, China continues to fascinate us to this present day, with all of its contrasts and innovations. Chinese cuisine is not to be ignored. You can not call yourself curious if you have never tried Chinese cuisine at least once. Shanghai Restaurant in Cluj has a menu consisting of more than 200 tasty and healthy Chinese dishes, cooked on the spot from fresh raw materials! With City Card, you benefit from a 10% discount on food consumed here (no. 42 Calea Turzii, Cluj-Napoca). Bon appetit!

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania restaurant shanghai

In the mysterious land of the Rising Sun brings us delicious Japanese dishes, and one of the most famous Japanese dishes, sushi, can be enjoyed in Sibiu with O’Sushi Delivery and in Cluj at Nobori Restaurant or at The Office Wine Bar. You will benefit from a 10% discount on all consumptions with City Card in these restaurants.

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania restaurant japonia sushi
For diversification, we cross the Pacific Ocean and arrive in the …


   “America does not have a specific cuisine. If we make a list of American foods lobster, shrimp, spaghetti, pizza, and hot dogs comes to mind. The fact that we have no specific culinary art is testament to democracy and ethnic heterogeneity.” – Sidney Mintz, anthropologist.

Despite the extreme culinary diversity, when we think of American cuisine, we instantly imagine barbecue, donuts, or vegetables. We ignore the big fast food chains, we know they can not instantly catapult us into American culture. For that we need to sweeten life and trips, we stop at the Crazy Donut in Timisoara. Here, happiness takes various forms and colors, but it is also inventive. Speaking of American cuisine, often neglected is the influence of the Italians who arrived on the continent in the late nineteenth century, what they had and continue to have. Thus, it is necessary to stop at Restaurant Misto, in Timisoara, the place where the flavors of the two cultures meet each other in a single plate: your plate. With City Card you will receive a 10% discount!

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania restaurant bucataria americana donut
If we’re in the area, it’s good to try something more extreme. Are you still with us in this culinary trip? If so, prepare your senses! Let’s go to …


It is time to enjoy exotic and rich tastes! Burritos, nachos, barbecue burgers, quesadilla, chili? In Cluj, you have the opportunity to explore Mexican cuisine at Sancho Panza Bistro & Mexican Grill and a diverse range of Tex-Mex cuisine at Bistro Cafe Pokka, all authentic recipes! In addition, with City Card, you get discounts of 10 and 15%!

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania restaurant bucataria mexicana burrito
We again cross the ocean and reach …


French cuisine means culinary sophistication, a quality wine and bohemian moments spent in good company. You’ll feel like in France as soon as you enjoy delicious dishes specific to French cuisine. We recommend you take the train to France by having lunch at Jules Restaurant in Sibiu. With City Card you enjoy a 5% discount on all consumptions!

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania
Two steps from France takes us into a large culinary paradise:

Italy, Greece, the Mediterranean

It is needless to explain the fascination the world has for Mediterranean cuisine. Here the most important crops in the world were cultivated and has delighted the culinary senses for thousands of years. No wonder so many restaurants enthusiastically assumes the role of transporting you to Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean areas. Here are some recommendations in the country:

  • Restaurant Pomo D’oro in Timisoara – the exquisite and carefully selected menu calls upon Tagliata di angus con rucola and Scampi ai caprese and pesto genovese. At Restaurant Pomo D’oro you benefit from a 15% discount on all consumptions with City Card.
  • Trattoria La Tavola Calda in Brasov – with sophisticated names that invoke epicurean curiosity, the dishes at Trattoria La Tavola Calda brings flavors that delight your senses and thrills your taste. At Trattoria La Tavola Calda you get a 10% discount on all consumptions with City Card.
  • Restaurant Dei Frati in Brasov – Restaurant delights its guests with Italian culinary specialties, homemade pasta, salads, and desserts that make you return again and again. At restaurant Dei Frati to get 10% discount on all consumptions with City Card.
  • Ristorante Neptunus Brasov – awaits you to enjoy delicious Italian Mediterranean cuisine, and traditional dishes that will delight your taste buds. As our name brings to mind, with its mythological resonances, the kitchen at Ristorante Neptunus specializes in fish and seafood, Ischitan-Neapolitan cuisine. At Ristorante Neptunus you get 10% discount on all consumptions with City Card.
  • Pizza Acrobatica in Cluj brings flavor as well as an inviting and undeniable aroma, downtown. If you arrive on no. 13 Avram Iancu Street, on the corner of Universitatii Street, you will be hard pressed not to stop: the Pizza Acrobatica continues the culinary adventure at the new location. Among the classic or specialty pizza recipes, Pizza Acrobatica has become one of the most popular pizzerias in Cluj, you’ll do acrobatics yourself, for the dough, delicious ingredients, and friendly atmosphere … you will be overwhelmed! At Pizza Acrobatica you benefit from a 10% discount for consumptions over 50 lei with City Card.
  • Osteria del Buon Vino – brings “la bella vita” to Cluj-Napoca. The passion for tasty food and wine, the zest for life, and the joy Italians feel from the moment you step into the restaurant. At Osteria del Buon Vino, you benefit from a 10% discount for all consumptions in the restaurant.
  • Bistro Sorriso in Cluj – Sorriso, a small and welcoming bistro, located on Dorobantilor, was born of a great love for Italy and for Italian cuisine, where people greet you with a smile. It has a cozy, warm, and relaxed atmosphere and cook within sight. At Bistro Sorriso you benefit from 5% discount on food with City Card.
  • La Veranda Bistro – Cluj – La Veranda Bistro offers a wide range of soft drinks, coffee, tea and Mediterranean cuisine. At La Veranda Bistro you get 10% discount for consumptions with City Card.
  • Pizzeria da Matteo in Sibiu invites you to taste the best pizza, pasta, salads and hot dishes, all prepared by specialized chefs with vast experience in Italian cuisine. At Pizzeria Da Matteo you receive a 10% discount for consumptions with City Card.
  • Restaurant Fattoria del Gusto in Sibiu – an original menu that expresses the characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine is coordinated by chef Chef Horatiu Boca. Here you will find Greek, Italian, seafood, pizza, and vegetarian dishes. At Fattoria del Gusto restaurant you benefit from a 16% discount on consumptions with City Card.

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania


  • Taverna Akropolis is a Greek restaurant with simple but well seasoned dishes. The richness and quality of ingredients feels savor dishes served here. Greek cuisine has traditions rooted in history that have been influenced for centuries by the peoples of Turkey, the Balkans and Middle East. At Taverna Akropolis you get a 10% discount with the City Card on the bill.

calatorie culinara in jurul lumii city card romania

Let’s make one more exotic stop and declare ourselves fully satisfied (and full!). It is wonderful to take such a culinary trip around the world, but to be still in your own country. If you have other recommendations, feel free to write us at and we will try to add new destinations into our list of recommendations ?

So, the last stop:


The Lebanese have their own ritual of eating. Begin with cold appetizers, then continue with hot dishes. Fish, beef, or chicken on the grill followed by desert. The meal ends with drinks such as wine, tea, or coffee with hookah. Culinary products from Lebanon have names such as Fattoush, Shish Taouk, or Ras Asfour are not as famous as bruschetta and Mediterranean paella in the same space, but it is sure to delight your senses.

My Chicken King Restaurant in Timisoara offers the most treasured dishes of Lebanese cuisine and more.

Trout, lamb chops, grilled dishes, soups, and fish are just some of the dishes found in the menu.

Among the salads you will find: Lebanese olive salad, salad with pita bread and cheese, shrimp salad with yogurt, fatoush, and tabule. At My Chicken King Restaurant you get a 10% discount consumptions with City Card.

Restaurant Amasi in Brasov offers a unique culinary experience as it is the first Lebanese restaurant in the city under Tampa. It is a very unique venue, which seeks to amaze the senses with unique dishes. Amasi restaurant delights its guests with outstanding herbs, spices and fresh ingredients, the majority being natural. At Restaurant Amasi, you get a 10% discount on consumptions with City Card.