Dej and Gherla, cities featured in the City Card project!
Starting in September 2016, Dej and Gherla joins big cities in Romania, becoming cities featured in the City Card project.

Major cities in Romania, similar to those from Europe were included in a package tour promotion with the launch of the City Card project nationwide.

Developed as a local project, initiated in Cluj-Napoca in 2014, City Card from the beginning aimed to become a card for tourist, commercial, and cultural recommendations. The benefits associated with the card, such as reductions and gratuities from numerous partners, were an incentive for City Card holders to explore the beautiful places in their own country, in the cities where they live or they visit either long term or as just passing through.

In addition, the project launched and Top City Card – Guide application (iOS, Android), an unique application that combines three functions: recommending special places in Romania, providing benefits to cardholders, and providing the function of guides at cultural and touristic sights in the area.

aplicatia top city card
The aim is to rediscover beautiful cities in the country, as well as places with touristic potential in these cities or their surroundings, as they deserve to be promoted at the national level. After Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Sibiu, Brasov and Oradea were included among the cities recommended and promoted by City Card, came smaller towns that hide special places on their streets and central squares or in their neighborhoods, often unknown by the general public and thus not promoted.

The project, with a solid base in Cluj, has been developed in Turda, and as of this September, we are in the beginning stages of implementation in Dej and Gherla, two cities that deserve to be rediscovered and encouraged in their development, both on a cultural, touristic and commercial level.

Small local business owners and people who want to promote cultural our touristic projects through City Card can be included in the list of City Card partners, benefiting from being promoted among more than 90 000 Top City Card or BCR City Card holders nationwide.
An important aspect to note is that to be included in the list of City Card partners, cultural agencies and trade in the two cities, but also in any other area of Romania are not required to pay anything, as such collaboration within the project is free! Firms can determine what benefits they want to offer cardholders (discounts, gratuities, other products), while cultural and tourisitc agencies can join the list of touristic sights to which holders can enjoy free guided tours through the Top City Card – Guide application. Those interested can directly contact people involved in the project to the email address

dej si gherla orase recomandate city card
The importance of encouraging small local producers, both in big cities, and in the smaller towns in our country, is undeniable. Providing a coherent system that connects tourists – locals – commercial agents – agents cultural – sights, City Card aims to help monetize special places in our country.

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