Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to truly benefit from the advantages of this project, it is important to understand the way that the card functions. On our site you can find responses for frequently asked questions in regards to the cards. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other inquiries, suggestions, or recommendations.

Until recently, city card were something specific only to large European cities such as London, Rome, or Paris, now it is the turn for Romanian cities to benefit from this type of project.

We have taken the idea to the next level: BCR City Card and Top City Card are not valid only in a city, but rather in all cities (and their surroundings) in Romania in which the project has been developed.

Also, to better help you discover all the beautiful places this country has to offer, once you arrive, through simply presenting the card you instantly benefit from the discounts and freebies offered.

BCR City Card is a card with contactless functionality which offers multiple benefits: no cost for issuing and management, fre withdrawals and balances from BCR ATMs, mobility through free Alo and Click 24 Banking access. The card offers reductions and freebies instantly at an extensive range of merchants in large cities in Romania.

Top City Card is a card for reductions and freebies instantly offered from our commercial and cultural partners for all card-holders. The card functions at the national level, in the biggest cities in Romania.

You can consult the offers of all our BCR City Card and Top City Card partners  where cardholders can take advantage of a wide range of diverse advantages.

The discounts and freebies are offered on the spot, from the moment that you present the card, without having to go through a system of collection points, dots, stars, etc.

For example:

You have arrived in a city where the card is valid. You use the site or application to find a partner venue. You benefit from the products or services offered there.
Present your BCR City Card or Top City Card when you ask for the bill, and the the specific discount will be applied to your bill.

One of the most beneficial aspects for domestic tourism promoted through the project initiated by BCR and Top City Card is that both cards operate nationwide, meaning that any cardholder, regardless of location or the city where the cards were purchased, receive discounts and freebies instantly offered to partners from all cities in Romania where the project is implemented.

At the moment, the project operates in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara, and Brasov. By the end of 2016 we will expand into other large cities in Romania.

BCR City Card is issued free, on the spot, at every BCR location in Romania, upon presenting one’s ID. In regards to minors, alongside the ID, it is necessary to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who also has his/her ID.

Top City Card can be purchased online, by completing a form on the site, with delivery within 48 hours.

Top City Card can be activated online, quick and easy, by completing an activation form.

This allows for:
– free use of our mobile app.
– our weekly newsletter with new and useful information (optional)
– the possibility to benefit from discounts and freebies offered by our partners.

BCR City Card activates from the moment it comes into one’s possession. Enjoy BCR City Card, use it at the partners, and you can benefit from discounts the moment you want to pay.

BCR City Card is valid for three years from the date which it was issued.
Top City Card is valid for life – with the mention that if the card is ever lost or deteriorates, it cannot be replaced.

You can use the money whenever you wish. Once you have made a deposit, you can enjoy the discounts/freebies by paying with the card or if you need cash, you can make a withdrawal from the ATM.