2 maini dibace

In a world of Swarovski crystals, the number of trinkets and Chinese kitsch, our little shop aims to promote the creations of local artists.

In this place of beauty you can find artisans, artists who are passionate and talented in the handmade community, presenting themselves through original objects or popular inspirations in trend with the new requirements of markets: unique jewelry, fantasy jewelry, wood works, crafted paintings, peasant styles or adapted to contemporary, peasant towels woven on looms and hand embroidered, quilts, painted porcelain plates, numerous objects made of natural materials (stone, wood, metal, string, thread, etc.)

It’s where you can sit and chat, you can ask for advice, you can identify an object that makes you shudder! You can enjoy the serenity of form and color, past and present! It is a place of magic and special gifts, of beauty and naturally transformed by the imagination, talent, and prowess of many skilled hands!

Tel.: 0774 624 302
E-mail: maron.print@gmail.com

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