It is important for each of us to exercise, and this will not ever go out of style because to be healthy and fit is a must.

If we are healthy, we can enjoy life differently. For this reason, Ade Gym invites you pay more attention to these aspects of the body and invites you to take part in our aerobic and muscular workouts, completed with stretching. You can opt for zumba, step-aerobics, kangoo-kids, kangoo-j-power, bokwa, body-shaping, aerobics, body-toning, and steel-tonic courses.

Adelina Morariu, the former trainee of the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness and the  “Romanian Federation – Sport for all” teaches courses at this sports club.

Students have a 10% discount on any type of subscription up to 120 lei.

Program: Monday 10 – 11am; 5 – 7pm; Tuesday: 7 – 9pm; Thursday: 6 – 8pm; Friday: 10 – 11am; Saturday: 5 – 6pm


0744 813 142

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