The Crisoldo Tur Travel Agency, building upon a passion for traveling, transformed by the Solomon family into a family business. The top destinations for the Crisoldo Tur Travel Agency over the past 12 years have been Crete, Corfu, Rodos, and Zakynthos in Greece.

Since then the agency has tried to discover new and diverse locations, with unique traditions and a unique culinary culture. Thus, Spain through Valencia and Mallorca are other destinations that are enjoyed and loved by their fans. For winter lovers, the agency offers destinations such as Austria, Italy, and Bulgaria.

Every year the Crisoldo Tur Travel Agency aims to offer a different alternative for spending time with new places and people, interacting with the culture and traditions of the destinations that enrich the experience of tourists.

Program: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm


0371 077 499

CityCard offers provided by this location

BCR City Card TOP City Card
At Crisoldo Tur you benefit from a 3% discount for the transport and sejour with a minibus.
At Crisoldo Tur you benefit from a 20 euro discount for accommodation and sejour with airplane.
20 Euro
At Crisoldo Tur you benefit from a 5 euro discount for airplane tickets.
5 Euro