At All Kris Automobile Rent a Car you will always find a car to your taste, usefulness, and convenience to rent. Cars are regularly checked and are equipped with ABS, AC, AIR BAG and Radio-CD. The services offered by this company put safety and convenience first.

The quality-price ratio is constantly improved in order to satisfy customers and mobility.

For the most faithful customers, there are many discounts and offers.
Some of the available cars are: Dacia Sandero, Chevrolet Aveo, Jeep, and other automobile brands.

All Kris will provide the following services: rental cars, ATVs, buses, automobile brands, and freight (domestic and international).
To rent a car must meet certain conditions including a minimum age of 21 years and driving license of at least two years.


0722 404 148

CityCard offers provided by this location

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At Al Kris Automobile Rent A Car you receive a 10% discount for renting cars.
- 10%