Andy’s Caffe is a corner of relaxation, a place where you can disconnect from the daily routine and enjoy special moments with the people you love.

Here you are free to give free rein to the imagination, let yourself become engaged in pleasant and interesting discussions, while enjoying a coffee, tea, or cocktail specialty.

The familiar atmosphere is created by unique decor, the furniture used is a combination of new and old furniture that is specific to the 90s, restored and well cared for, but keeping a note of nostalgia. The books and musical instruments that sit quietly on one wall, complete the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Andy’s Caffe.

Step back into your corner of relaxation at Andy’s Caffe!

Program: Monday – Saturday: 4 pm – 10 pm


Telephone: 0748 527 089

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At Andy's Caffe you benefit from a 10% discount for consumptions over 30 lei.