Andy’s Cocktail Bar offers bar catering services that change the way of serving alcoholic beverages “From the Perfect to the Spectacular!”

The concept of bar catering is one that recently appeared and assumed complete services which include a mobile bar and alcoholic drinks, and the bartender who takes care to create a complete bar experience. The purpose of bar catering is to give you a remarkable experience, you take you into an environment specific to bars, without requiring you to travel in these places.

Andy’s Cocktail Bar offers ideal catering bar services for any kind of event: from birthdays from the ages of 1 to even at the age of 90, from weddings to themed parties. Andy’s Cocktail Bar can offer such services in clubs, cafes, restaurants (bar consultations, equipment, training) and in corporate events for a well deserved break offered to employees or a productive meeting, and open air parties, such as concerts, parties, festivals, etc.

You need bar catering services? Andy’s Cocktail Bar is the ideal solution!


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At Andy's Cocktail Bar you benefit from a 15% discount from the standard price of a mobile bar.