The place in the heart of Cluj where everyone learns to dance in a pleasant environment.

Attitude Dance Club was founded with the desire to enable people of any age to choose a place where they can learn to dance backed by quality service. Starting after a long experience of coaches and athletes, we decided to set up a dance club where we can attract and encourage participation in dance classes for all ages in performances and national and international competitions organized under the tutelage of Romanian Federation Dance Sport Federations and abroad.

So I founded Dance Club Attitude, already having numerous achievements:

  • Organizing the first two editions of the “Dance with Attitude” spectacle and following with a third edition this year
  • Participation in dance competition for pairs with the following performance data (results):
    – 54 participants in national competitions, winning seven medals and 17 finalists
    – 2 participants in international competitions, winning 1st and 5th place
    – 1st place in the adult groups competition.
  • Since October 2010 we become closer to Clujeans by opening a new dance studio in the historic center of Cluj on no. 32 Baba Novac Street.

Program: Monday – Friday: 2pm – 8pm


0745 322 388
0264 700 303

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At Attitude Dance Studio Cluj Napoca you benefit from a 10% discount on initiation courses for adults.
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Attitude Dance Studio offers a 15% discount on private courses for adults.
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