Baile Cojocna is a spa resort situated just 25 km away from Cluj-Napoca, in the commune of Cojocna.

Baile Cojocna lies at an altitude of 340 m, near Paraul Valea Sarata. Since the period of Roman occupation, this space was used for the exploitation of salt. Abandoned salt mine tunnels have been documented as early as the twelfth century, being used from Roman times until the Middle Ages. Saline lakes were formed above these abandoned mines whose waters have acquired therapeutic properties. Several warm baths have been arranged at this location.

Subsequently, two of these lakes, Lacul Toroc and Lacul Mare, were converted into bathhouses. Baile Cojocna is also recommended for treating certain diseases, not only for pleasure. These include rheumatic (arthritis, polyarthritis, spondylosis, tendinosis), endocrine and gynecologic diseases. After investments from European funds, the resort has been recently modernized.

A restaurant is available for visitors, both during the season as well as when the bathhouses are closed. Here, people can enjoy a delicious meal, enjoy the daily menu or savor a coffee, tea or other drinks with friends. Furthermore, the restaurant at Baile Cojocna can organize events.

Besides lakes with therapeutic properties, Baile Cojocna offers the possibility of practicing sport activities, even at night. Inside Baile Cojocna can be found two clay tennis courts as well as two artificial soccer fields.

Adults: 15 lei
Children: 10 lei
Parking: 10 lei
Tanning Beds: 10 lei

Prices for the sports fields:
Soccer field during the day: 50 lei/hour
Soccer field at night: 60 lei/hour
Tennis court during the day: 20 lei/hour
Tennis court at night: 30 lei/hour
Program: Monday – Sunday: 7 am – 7 pm


0264 234 003

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At Baile Cojocna you benefit from a special entrance price. Therefore, instead of 15 lei, an adult only pays 10 lei at the entrance.
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