No time to go to the gym? Want to lose weight or tone up? Want to have a healthy and beautiful body? Be Fit guarantees results with just 20 minutes a week.

BE FIT offers unprecedented features in a modernly designed location that is spacious, clean, and airy, a room equipped with equipment – Miha BodyTec 2 – where our coaches will make you lose junk calories. at BE FIT you do not need equipment room, because we we provide everything you need.

Unlike other fitness exercises, Miha BodyTec 2 tones and simultaneously trains all muscle groups, eliminates cellulite and fat tissue with minimal time and effort.
Miha BodyTec 2 is a technology that relies on active muscle electrostimulation (EMS) and is used to improve physical appearance. It can train the entire body both at rest and in motion, but supplimentary exercises greatly increases the effect.

Training is ideal for:
– Getting rid of extra pounds
– Reduce adipose tissue
– Muscle toning
– Medical rehabilitation
– Postnatal recovery
– Musculoskeletal disorders
– Reducing or eliminating back pain
– 20 minutes of BE FIT workout equates to at least 2 hours in the gym.

Program: Monday – Saturday: 8 am – 10 pm


Telephone: 0758 942 006

Address: No. 87 Calea Aradului, inside Oradea Shopping City Oradea, Bihor, Romania

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