Bibliotheka is a shop specializing in fine and diversified drinks. Over time, it has become a trusted partner for clients.
The wide range of products satisfies the finest tastes in alcohol, tobacco, and various accessories.
Here you can find quality beverages, whiskey, cognac, Armagnac, wine, digestives and many other specialties.
The store is located on the street named after Prince Eugene of Savoy, he who liberated Timisoara from the Ottomans.
The house is built to the order of Prince, in the area where the Poarta Forfoza, demolished its entry in Timisoara. From the bricks of this gate was erected the building where “Bibliotheka” operates.

Program: Monday-Saturday: 9am – Midnight;  Sunday: 5pm – 10pm


0256 200 555

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At Bibliotheka Magazin you recieve a 5% discount on all products. The discount is not applied to cigars or products already on sale.
- 5%