Bike Sensation started from a desire to lead healthy lives. Therefore, we started six years ago, to go about with bicycles. From there it all started.
We try to encourage children and adults to play sports, to discover the beauty of nature on bikes, because we all know that inside cars or other vehicles you can not hear the birds, you can not hear the noise of the river and rustling leaves.

We offer new events that are based on the same objective, namely: plenty of exercise, a healthy life! Alongside with “Close to Nature,” which is mainly aimed at removing children from their computers and their re-connection with nature, Bike Sensation has become the touristic wing of “Close to Nature.”

We organize bike tours in several regions in Romania and in the future we would like to bring tourists to the beautiful areas of this country. Our experience in sales recommend us, as we are confident that we will find passionate bicycle fans and together we will organize beautiful short (weekend) or longer tours, which will involve logistics, accommodation, and mapping. We will go together through the Lilac Forest in Ponoare, the fortified churches in Transylvania, the Banat Mountains, or the Macin Mountains, around Bucharest, and in the forests near the city – Comana, Busoni, Cernica.

Here is one of the reviews that we received after a nature tour:
“The first thought that comes to me when I think of them is ‘friendship.’ Then comes the beautiful tours and relaxed cycling, interesting routes, chosen with much inspiraton. They leave you not only with memories but also with new information.”

Our tours are designed to try to reach less traveled areas without asphalt and without cars. We have discovered trails on forest roads and trails through the woods or in the mountains, known only to locals without mobile signal.

In April of each year we begin riding bikes, and much depends on the weather. We begin with tours lasting several hours around the city, while in May we offer weekend tours and even holidays on two wheels.

Bike Sensation offers 2 large tours lasting seven days during the summer, which combines cycling with visits to lesser known tourist areas and even other types of activities. For example, “Flight and pedals in Transylvania” is a 7 days holiday that combines biking, paragliding, visiting fortified churches in Transylvania. “Mountainous Banat” is and a tour where cyclists ride in beautiful areas of Romania, where the next 5 days they pedal through various hiking trails, enjoy and ride an old fashioned train between Anina and Oravita, eat traditional meals and explore areas of interest.

So much about us – Bike Sensation Romania! We await you on our tours and do not forget:
“Our world is not made of masterpieces, no bicycles and apples, but from all of those gathered in one place.” (Braco Dimitrijevic)

Now take your bike and lets go!


0763 642 798 (Cristian Airinei)

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