Bon Bon Candy is your candy store and where you can indulge whenever you feel the need. If you are in Cluj-Napoca, you can visit us on the no. 3 F.D. Roosevelt Street (in Piata Muzeului).
Most of our sweets will not found in the supermarket and the offers are for all ages and event categories: candy-bar-type services, original gifts, wedding favors, or baptism.

We know how important are special moments in everyone’s life, so we welcome them with our cheerful and sweet style. A candy bar is always welcome, be it for weddings, private parties and corporate or why not a birthday.

A special place in our offer is occupied by jars with sweets, a concept that we have developed in their own style. The design stickers were created “in house.”
Each jar has its own ‘recipe’, which can be a combination of multi-colored sweets (of our own Bon-Bon variety) or just an assortment of flavors (ex: cinnamon). Besides variants available all year round, we also have jars launched in tandem with thematic celebrations, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc.

Also, BonBon’s options are appreciated because they offer a variety of features, always at accessible prices.
Small gifts can be in the form of jars of different size, transparent plastic boxes, cardboard boxes filled with sweets of your choice, or in paper bags. Labels can be personalized with messages and photos.

Program: Monday – Friday: 10am – 8pm; Saturday: 11am – 7pm

0741 954 718

CityCard offers provided by this location

BCR City Card TOP City Card
At BonBon Candy you receive a 10% discount for every jar of BonBon sweets, limited to three jars per day. The offer is applied exclusively for the jars listed in the promotion.
- 10%
For every 3 jars of candies bought (medium or large), you receive a small jar of "Concentrated Joy" filled with Jelly Beans as a gift.
small jar