Brisas … and feel like you can breathe.

Small steps takes you towards corners of relaxation. In the tumult of everyday agitations, a break is always welcome. Arrive on Napoca Street and recognize familiar smiling terrace at no. 9. Yes, no. 9 Napoca Street is one of those places full of Cluj’s charm, a picturesque architectural framework that urges you to slow down your rhythm.

Slow down. Climb the stairs, check out the state of the weather: to take a place on the inviting terrace, admiring the dynamics of street, with people and their cars, light hitting the pavement and storefronts, or take a seat inside?

For your morning, Brisas lures you with excellent coffee, which you can enjoy in silence, while our soft drinks, juices, milkshakes will appease you. The daily menu comes as a daily recommendation, and if you’re already hungry, but not know what you prefer, you can opt for it.

At Brisas everything is simple: take a tray, study alternatives proposed at the daily menu, study the delicious meals, decide what winks at you, take the goodies, sit quietly and enjoy a delicious meal. It’s your break, it’s well deserved.

From Brisas, descend the stairs and once again look at the place and know: No. 9 Napoca Stret disconnects you from the congestion of Cluj and connects to picturesque and quiet Cluj.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pm

Tel. 0755 407 241


Address: No. 9 Napoca Street, Cluj-Napoca

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At Brisas you benefit from a 15% discount