Aromatic coffee in the morning, drinks to savor the evening and enjoy a cozy atmosphere that gives you an instant feeling of well being. In short, Cafenoar – a masculine café.
A place that is friendly and not at all stiff, where there is no dress code, where there is equality between males and females (ie cordially invite ladies, namely ladies, not just gentlemen, to “prove” our XXL cocktails). We do not listen to commercial music and no meals served served, instead there is extensive socialization, you can read the news and enjoy drinks, along with the stories of friends.
We keep the classic spirit (and partial name) of a cafe, but adds a touch of manhood: we pride ourselves on our large and very large (many of them being X and L) drinks, with happy and talktative customers, and a place to our taste and especially yours.
In the meantime, come and enjoy the whole package: coffee, cocktails, and more!

Program: Monday – Thursday – 10am – 12:15 am; Friday: 10am – 2am; Saturday: 12pm – 2am; Sunday: 12pm – 12am


Telephone: 0757 353 762

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At Cafenoar Cluj you benefit from a 15% discount on all consumption.
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