Centrul Fericirii is the first center for integrative transformation in which everyone has the opportunity to fulfill a personal/professional goal or to solve the different situations and problems of life, that represent obstacles in personal evolution.

Centrul Fericirii is guided by the faith and vision that everyone can achieve its potential, can feel fulfilled personally and professionally and can continuously evolve. The center’s mission is to create and develop an environment that is balanced, harmonious, inspirational, and energizing to represent a support and an optimal framework for transformation, integrated development and the personal fulfillment of people. The environment created here at the Centrul Fericirii is thus dedicated a positive transformations for anyone who wants to evolve and develop.

“We promise that you will be received each time in a professional medium for education and personal transformation that with positive energy and confidence brings people together, to focuses, to support in fulfilling their personal development through customized processes, effectively developed specialists and products, valuable for each customer.”

In the Centrul Fericirii you will be energized, filled with vitality, you feel more balanced, calm, confident.

Program: Monday – Friday: 8am – 10pm; Saturday: 8am – 4pm


0368 884 888
0771 031 835

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At the Centrul Fericirii you benefit from a 15% discount on basic services. Soon, the center will surprise you with special offers!