I do not know how it is in your CLASA, but 15 young people in Bucharest are ready to tell you about theirs. So crossing the country to get closer to you, prepare for one show: CLASA. The show takes place on March 12, 19:00, at the Casa de Cultura a Studentilor Cluj-Napoca.

It promises:
# Video screenings

from big and small days. As it is in high school. So grab your friends and come to a dynamic show!

Clasa, directed by Mihai Razus produced by Excelsior Theatre in Bucharest with the Artextract Association, won two major awards at the “Festivalul Vostru, al Adolescentilor”, which was held from 8 to 10 May 2015.
“Between the mirage of internet and drugs, between the mirage of suicide and the lure of erotic feeling, between the mirage of supermarket and of perfect beauty, how the television, tabloids, and glossy magazines preach, teens live and discover the world around us. […] CLASA can be kind of bell ringing to announce an end and a beginning – late childhood and early teens full of temptations.” – Dana Ionescu, www.yorick.ro

Running time: 60 minutes.
The normal price of tickets is 29 to 39 lei and can be purchased from the Theatre Agency, Students Cultural House, Iulius Mall, and online through the website www.biletmaster.ro.

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At Clasa, the first three City Card holders who buy a ticket will receive the second for free (1+1 offer). Tickets with City Card can be purchased only at the ticket booth at the Casa de Cultura a Studentilor, between 10 am - 2pm.