At Dr. Gal Mendel’s Dental Clinic you benefit from quality full service from the simplest to the most complex. Prophylaxis, specifically, the treating and prevention of dental diseases represents the main objective of the clinic.
Some of the available preventative offers include: primary consultation, professional cleaning packages, desensitization and sealing grooves. Other services offered at this clinic includes: treatments for children, dentures, orthodontics and orthopedics, implantation.
The clinic is modern and offers complete quality services in a medium that is clean, hygienic, and professional. Here you can find the best advice, recommendations, and solutions.

Program: Monday – Friday: 9am – 8pm; Saturday: 9am – 2pm


0723 610 789

CityCard offers provided by this location

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At Dr. Gal Mendel's Dental Clinic you receive between a 10% and 20% discount for orthodontic treatment and protective work and 20% for dental treatment.
- 20%