Club Arta Brasov is a meeting point between the past, present, and future of the city. Founded in 1998, Club Arta has become over the years, one of the most special places to spend time with friends. The specific elegance and comfort of the club harmoniously combines the recreational and sport activities that take place here.

Kept in the souls of many clients under the name “Arta” due to the old cinema that once functioned here, the venue has become a space for socialization and relaxation for those who spend time alongside friends, but also in engaging in various athletic activities.

Club Arta offers the largest number of pool and table tennis tables in Brasov, being the following:

– 10 SAM pool tables, and 1 Dynamic III table – in the main hall
– 2 Dynamic III tables – in the booth
– 1 SAM snooker table – on the floor of the booth
– 1 table tennis table – on the floor
– 3 table tennis tables – in the basement (smoking forbidden!)

Moreover, Club Arta also features 5 darts machines, one fun machine with plush toys, as well as an Air hockey SAM.

Since 2011 from the desire to develop the sporting side of the activities that take place there, Club Arta became affiliated with the Romanian Federation of Billiards and Pool. Often placing in the national competitions, the Arta Brasov team placed 2nd in the Mosconi Cup in Romania, being the only team from the provinces who managed to win the podium alongside the great teams from Bucharest.

Every Sunday, at Club Arta, you can participate in or watch local competitions organized for lovers of the sport, while socializing and relaxing with your friends.

Program: Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 3am


0722 566 564

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At Club Arta you benefit from a 15% discount on games between 12pm and 6pm.