At Cofetaria Bueno in Dej, you find fresh cakes every day! You can enjoy them or you can surprise your loved ones here, prepared with the love of patisseries.
Whether you’re an addict or simply adore sweets or chocolate, Cofetaria Bueno lure you with sweet cakes, cakes and cookies showy delicious!

The alluring cakes offered are: Amandina, La Bohème, Strawberry, Cappuccino, Caramel, Black Forest, Panda Roulade, and Brownies. Do not miss any filth taste buds with Tiramisu, Savarina, Broscuta, Diplomat, Cremes, Spumoasa or Eclairs.

Furthermore, for that special day of your life truly worth celebrating Cofetaria Bueno invites you to choose your desired cake. No matter in which way you say the word “cake,” your desire will be fulfilled. The bakers at Bueno combine the magic ingredients with attention to every detail. The result is always delicious! In the laboratory of the Bueno confectionery in Dej masterfully preparing for wedding cakes, cakes for baptism, birthday cakes or any other important event.

Cofetaria Bueno knows that life is simply more beautiful if you give cookies 🙂
Any visitor can be conquered with delicious cookies.
Any coffee is more delicious with a cookie carefully prepared by Pastry Bueno.
Every day is completed with a simple or creamy cookie or creamy.

A perfect day start with something sweet. Bon appetit!

Program: Monday – Saturday: 07:30 am – 8:00 pm; Sunday: 07:30 am – 6:00 pm
Telephone: 0742 233 018
Orders for cakes or pies can be made by telephone.

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