Cofetaria Delis Dana awaits you with various types of cakes, cookies, cakes, and other goodies, as well as tips for choosing decor for various special occasions such as a wedding, a baptism, an anniversary, a party or other unique and special moments in your life.
“You can not know if you like something or not until you get a chance to taste it, ” a great philosopher once said. Cofetaria Delis Dana invites you to taste delicious products with the promise that once you taste them, you will return again and again.
Cofetaria Delis Dana comes with a new concept which guarantees to delight all the senses. You will want to enjoy the wonderful products again and again, but watch out! – you’re not alone! Hurry to come get what you deserve 🙂
Moreover, the confectionery lab thinks of everyone, because here you can enjoy something good even if you are diabetic, gluten or lactose intolerant. Please inquire and together with Cofetaria Delis Dana you you find the best (and most delicious!) solution.

Program: Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm; Saturday: 9am – 4pm; Sunday: Closed


0722 726 974
0721 753 744

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