Mimoza Cofetaria can answer the most demanding requirements and desires regarding cookies, candy bars, or other festive sweets. The main feature of this confectionery is the attention to detail.
It places great value on the freshness, appearance, and taste of products, which are based on the dough, vanilla or chocolate creams and many other ingredients that add flavor. It is said that the details can make the difference, even when we talk about food, or more precisely, sweets. Can not we feel the need to have them around us every day, but certainly when it comes to weddings, baptisms or other parties long expected, we can not afford to go wrong with choosing the cake. The sweets are prepared in our laboratory by qualified staff with many years of experience in the craft.
Also, customers who have crossed the threshold have so far returned a second time delighted by the excellent quality of the sweets.

Program:  Monday – Saturday: 7am – 9pm;  Sunday: 9am – 9pm


0721 406 298
0731 930 742

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