Coldwell Banker Transilvania – we redefine real estate services in Romania

In Cluj-Napoca since 2011, Coldwell Banker Transilvania has a mission to revitalize the regional real estate market by prioritizing values such as quality of service, professionalism, and efficiency.

The company provides a variety of real estate services:

  • to facilitate real estate transactions
  • to evaluate and administrate property management
  • brokerage
  • real estate consultancy
  • market research and marketing for developers

The portfolio at Coldwell Banker Transilvania includes both residential properties – apartments, single family homes, villas, duplexes, and row houses – as well as commercial – offices, industrial buildings, as well as land.


Address: no. 15 Piata Cipariu bl. A3, sc. 1, entresol, 400191, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County
Telephone: +40 364 730 214
Mobile Telephone: +40 733 900 999


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