Looking for a nice gift, wedding accessories, or you are interested to buy items for a child’s room?
Crystal Gifts TM’s website is continually adding new products. Here you can find over 3,000 high quality items for your loved ones for different occasions or simply unique for your home.
The products are renowned in the realm of accessories necessary for corporate events, weddings, or baptisms. Also, both the online store as well as the store located in Galeria 1 on Sever Bocu Street offers products dedicated to advertising campaigns or the nature of media.
Here you can request full service customization for different promotional materials: sublimation, screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer, or engraving.
In the catalogs you can check the stock, features, and photos of the products that were made all over the world.

Program: Monday-Friday: 10am – 8pm;  Saturday: 10am – 7pm


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0256 214 102

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At Crystal Gifts you receive a 10% discount for all products - in the physical store as well as the online store.
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