Cursuri Transilvania: If you have not yet chosen a profession, you can do it now!

If you are a person who love beauty and talent than you, opt for aesthetic body care!

Advantages if you enroll in Cursuri Transilvania:

  •     customized package
  •     Lecture individual / group up to 12 people
  •     flexible schedule
  •      Warranty 15-30 days
  •      Items included Choices
  •      You can start the course at 16
  •      If you recommend us to others, get discounts or products
  •      You have the possibility to choose the place of practice
  •      The diplomas are issued in 3-4 months

    Among the courses offered by Transylvania courses: make-up, massage, hairdresser, manicure, cosmetics, and aesthetics courses.


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Cursuri Transilvania offers a 10% discount for City Card holders