Daisler Print House is the ideal solution, with extended hours, for when you have in mind listings of any size for any type of support.
You know us. And we know what you need.

We know ideas and dreams because we have helped transform many of them into reality. From now we have arrived closer to you. We want to help you get to know us better. Let us know your name and when you need someone to take care of your image. Copy-shop becomes what it has always been, a family business meant to come in your support, a business that will continue to carry the name of the family who gave birth to it- Daisler.
The full-service digital printing services are of the highest definition and the most professional in the realm. We use only the latest equipment and resources that meet all standards in the industry for the highest quality at an unbeatable price.


Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm; Saturday: 9am – 2pm



0264 599 957
0264 432 119



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At Daisler Printhouse you benefit from a 10% discount on all purchases over 50 lei.
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