So, we at Defoto, are passionate about photography, lighting, everything that is pleasant to the eye and mind and we do our job seriously, even if sometimes joke.

As you have noticed our slogan is “head shots :-)”. By trying to look discreet and with a little humor, a picture depends primarily on the mind of the photographer and not the megapixels, even if we have enough, and equipment is just an accessory, an extension of a beautiful mind more or less.

Although we do not film (it’s up to others, each must eat bread), we still collaborate with many video studios, which can provide excellent services.

If you want to know how we are perceived by those with whom we collaborated, please visit the acknowledgments page. We would like to mention that they were not paid!

Also, we have intense activity on our Facebook page, which we invite you to follow.

We want a fruitful collaboration alongside you, with excellent results and satisfaction for both parties. Hooray! Hooray Hooray!

Defoto offers photo studio services for creative, fashion, portrait, family, glamor, stock, product photography. The studio can be rented.


Telephone: 0741 127 715

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At Defoto you benefit from a 10% discount for wedding and baptsimal photos