Dennver was established in Cluj-Napoca in 1994 during a period in which entrepreneurship in Romania was still taking its first shy steps, today it has arrived, after good and bad economic times, to be one of the oldest and well-known brands in Cluj.

Despite starting as a family business, Dennver has became more than that:

  • For owners, the complex has become a business and also the fruit of continuous work;
  • For employees, it has become a second home;
  • For customers, our slogan “Craftsmen recommend Dennver”, means that it has become a stable and reliable partner.

Customer care, care for needs at a qualitatively higher level, continuous training of staff, and a clear vision of the future are just some elements that contributed to the success of our business.

Our main activity is in retail trade, the main groups of products of which: building materials and finishes, installations, plumbing, electrical, hardware, tools, totaling over 30,000 active landmarks.

The company has three locations in which work more than 60 employees:

  • Cluj-Napoca, no. 84-86 Campului Street
  • Cluj-Napoca, no. 69 Campului Street
  • Floresti, no. 300 Avram Iancu Street

With a turnover of over 2.7 million Euro in 2013, Dennver has consolidated its strong position and promptly responds to the market demand profile of Cluj-Napoca, and beyond.


0264 426 571

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