Epics Photobooth! This concept can be addictive. It is administered in unlimited portions and induce epic states.

The concept of the photobooth photos is not new to the world, but is an element for events of any kind.
Epics mean pictures, but more importantly, it means good mood, spontaneity, fun and tangible memories – in a digital era.

Born in 2013, Epics is big – for a baby. With a height of 2m, but compact and easy to place in any space, kindly inherited from Canon with interactive screen that includes a whole group of friends and a stock unlimited paper print quality A +, Epics is that key to turn your event into a memorable one!

Where and for whom?
Epics match people and, therefore, fits any type of event. It’s that service that offers entertainment guaranteed!
It does not discriminate by age. Surprises with mirth and does not become tiring. You and your guests receive instant pictures to put in frames, on the fridge, in your wallet, in albums, or on the net.

It’s for you, for your guests, or participants at events. Remember to give them something new. Become part of the phenomenon and be the next person to be photographed from the  “Epics” photobooth. The best part: the packages are endless as the number of photos. Simply press the button and smile!

How does Epics work?
For instant memories, take your friends, family, guests and sit in front of it. Look at the monitor and arrange yourselves (or not). You can wear costumes (or not), press the Epics button and smile. Start the series of pictures!!

Epics can be customized depending on the nature of the event through fun photo props and accessories and a button ready for non-stop action. Being constantly hungry, Epics can swallow whole your pictures and store them in his memory. They will be stored as custom prints, and each photo will be in the series. Our online archive keeps them then visits or downloads.
Also, if you want, each photo can be made into magnets! instantly!

To Summarize!
In a few words, Epics is a state of mind. Something unique and interactive. A gift immediately enjoyed and an opportunity for socializing. It includes even more:
– the shortest printing time
– transport and assistance for events
– fun props & accessories
– personalized messages or logos on photos
– personalized Epics box
– interactive formats for photos
– private online archive
– magnetized photos during events
– discounts for Epics and MagnEpics combination packages
– personalized albums
In short, limitless possibilities!

Program: Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

0762 638 680
0730 116 222

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