Escape Rooms Brasov offers you the opportunity to try something completely out of the ordinary! Deciphers the clues and solve puzzles hidden in secret rooms!

If you want to have a new experience, allow yourself to be locked in a mysterious room and try to get out within 60 minutes. How? By putting together clues, solving puzzles using your intuition, and looking for hidden items that can help you decipher the mystery. The pressure of time will activate your cognitive resources, bring out creativity and original ideas to solve problems that lie dormant in each of us. Discover your passion for mystery with your team and prove yourself to have the skills of Sherlock Holmes or MacGyver in the two secret rooms of Escape Rooms Brasov.

“Dracula’s Den” Room

“Welcome to Transylvania, in my secret cottage. Glad to have you as a guest and look forward to having dinner together. Everything is ready, so make yourself comfortable until I manage to get home. I have an important meeting, but it should not take more than an hour. Sincerely, Count Dracula”

If you feel like you’re more trapped than a guest, you’re right. The Count’s invitation will cause you to break out at any cost from the nest “or before the amiable Count transforms into the famous vampire whose reputation has spread worldwide. Trapped in a dark room, you will have to look for clues in the darkest corners, to put them together and to escape in time. Straddling the line between myth and reality, history and simple exaggerations, the room will stimulate creativity and ingenuity throughout the game.

“Survival Camp” Room

Without keeping in mind the late hour forecast, you went with your friends in the mountains. All of a sudden, a cold breeze arrives, followed by a thick fog, and you and your friends acknowledged that no one knows the way home. Confusion, cold and exhaustion are starting to be felt, but you miraculously arrive in front of a cottage. Unfortunately, the door is locked. Around the area, however, you find the remains of an abandoned camp filled with useful items. Already, the wolves have begun to howl, and within one hour the dark, cold, and fog will become unbearable! Your only chance is to find clues and codes to open locks and use your senses and ideas to find the key to the lodge in time.

If you like challenges, puzzles, and adrenaline, and also seek an active method of relaxation and disconnection, Escape Rooms Brasov is the ideal place. Choose a room and start the timer!

Program: Monday – Sunday: 10:30 am – 9:30 pm
Address: No 8, 15 Noiembrie Boulevard, Brasov (across from the Theater, at the big black gate next to Restaurant Ando’s)


0752 111 188
0744 314 110

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