Exit Games Timisoara founded for the first time in Romania the first “room escape” or “escape room” games in 2012. In Europe, Budapest started these activities in 2011, in the basement of an old building.
The object of the game is to escape from a locked room, solving mysteries that arise along the way.

Thanks to the experience in this area, passing through the Exit Games is a guarantee of quality services.
Some details in planning the games are based on psychological observations.
Often players have confessed that they felt irreversible passage of time, a phenomenon known as “flow experience”.

Program: Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 11:45pm

There are two types of prices, one valid before and the other valid after 5pm. Also, prices vary with the number of people attending. Discover the formula that suits you and explore the wonderful world of escape games!
To enter the game, it is necessary to make a reservation online or by phone. We recommend you to book a room game:
– At least 2 hours before the desired time, if you book online
– At least 30 minutes before, if you make your reservation by phone.


0747 789 245

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At Exit Games you benefit from a 15% discount from the price of games, in any available rooms