Fantasia Land invites us, with those big and small, into the fantasy realm, where alongside pirates, princesses, and other fairy tale characters, we can play together for hours!

When it comes to frolicking and fun, Fantasia Land is the favorite place for children (of all ages, we might add). A playground specially designed for childhood games, Fantasia Land started from the idea and need to build a playing area for children, to be both attractive and unique.

Park attractions

Located on the third floor in the Star store in Brasov, Fantasia Land is a beautiful and welcoming land that brings a smile to everyone’s lips.

The types of toys found here, alongside a jungle gym, are a slide, princess castle, pirate ship with slides and colorful balls, trampoline, cars and ATVs, swing.

Fantasia Land does not neglect parents, they have the possibility to relax on chairs at tables while children play together!

Program: Monday – Saturday: 9:30 am – 8:30 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm


0268 411 199
0733 417 997

CityCard offers provided by this location

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At Fantasia Land you benefit from a discount off the entry fee. Therefore, instead of 20/lei day, you pay 16 lei/day. Also, you get a 15% discount for every party.