Situated in a prime location in Central Park, Fitness Cluj Arena is a training room much sought after by Clujeans who want to have a good tone and more supple body.

Fitness Cluj Arena is well equipped with air conditioning and access to modern showers, sauna, indoor athletics track, outdoor track, aerobics and gyms. Also, the coaches at Cluj Arena Fitness put their soul into conducting training, having patience with both beginners and those who want to make sport into a lifestyle.

Fitness Cluj Arena invites all those who want a relatively short time to obtain a high tone, an optimal size, harmonious physical development more varied training methods:
-Step-Aerobics involves getting on and off on a pedestal, the movement is like climbing some steps, and help burn body fat by an increased heart rate. Designed for all ages this brings a style of aerobic physical relaxation after a hard day of work or time in which to socialize.
-Aerobics Is accessible to all ages and is a complex of exercises and movements that develop all muscle groups, calories burnt/ hour is about 400 calories.
-Zumba Is a highly effective fitness program that combines aerobic movements with dance (especially Latin dance) .In within an hour of Zumba can burn over 500 calories having fun and socializing at the same time.
Pillates Ball


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