Golden Party – The birth of a new member marks a new phase in family life filled with excitement, joy and enthusiasm – feelings that can not be described in words. The most important step that follows after the “little miracle” appeared in our lives is baptism, which is one of the most important traditions sacredly kept inside any family, being a special moment from the spiritual and religious points of view. Traditions say that once the child is baptized he will receive a godsend: a guardian angel who will guide you entire life.

We invite you to enter the world of fairy tales, to go back in time and for a few moments to become children again. Most of us fondly remember childhood stories with princes and fairies, in which good always triumphs over evil. The old legend tells us about the fate of three fairies  that as they walked at night through the world sketched new destinies – babies.

We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty, where Fate came to give receive love, health, wealth and other gifts. If until now they only met these characters in the stories grandparents, now everything is possible, and fairies can be seen by anyone participate in the baptism of an infant.

When organizing the christening party, most parents turn to a company to organize events for children because everything is very well done and nothing is forgotten. If you think of something special in terms of of the baby’s future party, you may consider calling fates to the baptism, which will surely surprise you in a pleasant way, because adults occasionally need a story that will break the monotony of daily life.

Baptism of story of Fates from Golden Party

Golden Party’s Fates will present a spectacle that is both artistic and interactive, sprinkled with moments of dance, based on a soundtrack of old stories complete with original choreography. The text of the fate fairies is specially designed and personalized for each child: they invite the relatives and godparents to join the newly christened baby in their dance, thus having their own role in the moments of fate.

Through the Fairy Fate of wisdom, Fairy Fate of Love and the Fairy Fate of wealth and fortune, in a dress, the story will weave the destiny of small children to impart them to have some wisdom, love, health, luck and faith transforming christening parties in -a unique and exciting artistic moment of your family life. The three fairies fate at the end of the show remain to take pictures with guests to keep alive the memory of this wonderful story.

If you want a special show with fate baptism for children that has exquisitely prepared even the smallest details with a desire to impress even the most refined invited to bring emotion and tears in the hearts of your family and your guests, then Fates Golden Party are most suitable to take part in party baptism of your child and to have a magical time and full of feelings between you and your baby, memories that you will remember constant, year after year, even when you child grows older.

Kids Corner Baptism

Description: Families are invited to come along with their children to the baptism? Then let little ones watch fun and activity in our account. We have prepared many surprises for them in the special corner set up for children who come to baptism. The standard package includes: 1 table, 6 chairs, workshop (Drawing boards, painting workshop), lego, an animator with games and contests, modeling balloons and painting workshop on the front, machines for bubbles, helium balloons (10 pcs.), and two inflatable horses for children.

Fate baptism (Three good fairies and and the bad fairy- LIVE show – customized)

Description: a new show where the traditional blends with comedy. The three fairies from from Neverland come to your child’s baptism to bear: health, wealth, beauty and baby’s growth. Meanwhile the haunting bad fairy manages to interrupt seeking to intimidate the three good fairies. What will the Bad Fairy do? You can discover in the show, but we do guarantee that your guests will be entertained children and will long remember this show of fates. The beautiful fairy costumes made of velvet will bring a splash of color to your important and special baptism.


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