If you want to eat at home and do not have time to cook something quickly, you can with confidence call Grizzly Pizza where you can order pizza, pasta, salads, desserts and juices. Even parties or evenings between friends are tastier with a warm and fresh slice of pizza.

Pizza comes in three sizes: Babybear (32 cm), Panda (50 cm), and Grizzly (60/40 cm). You can choose whether the dough is fluffy or crispy.  Happy Hour is every Monday to Friday between 11am and 3pm with advantageous prices.

Any order in Sibiu arrives within 40 minutes, and if you choose to receive a single pizza you get a 15% discount.

Monday – Friday: 10 am – 11:30pm


0745 226 666
0724 226 666
0269 226 666

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At Grizzly Pizza you receive a 5% discount only on orders made between 3pm - 11pm
- 5%