Heritage Farms

You’ve all searched far and wide to find clean food without chemicals for your family? Heritage Farms offers a healthy opportunity.

We are a small group of farmers from Bihor who produce clean vegetables and fruits without chemicals and weird things that can be ordered through the web-site www.heritagefarms.ro and are delivered to anywhere in Romania. So whether you’re at home or on holiday you can enjoy a healthy diet.

Vegetables are grown under organic management on the lands of peasants in Apateu our and Fegernic in greenhouses and in the fields by our families, with an average duration of 24-28 hours from harvest to delivery. Let vegetables and fruits to ripen on the plant which means that all the flavor and nutrients remain in them and harvest them only in the morning of delivery so that they can arrive to the consumer completely fresh.

The story of Heritage Farms started with frustration and helplessness. A generalized frustration that can be heard everywhere concerning the lack of clean food that you can give to your child without concern; the taste of how vegetables and fruits used to be but that you can no longer find on supermarket shelves. Unfortunately, “the piata” as it is today not a satisfactory solution for us personally because it has was transformed into a place of tyranny with prices imposed by intermediaries before which the small farmer has little chance. This inability of the simple peasant gave us further impetus to do something, not to expect to come from the outside but resolve to contribute actively to it. So was born the Heritage Farms.

This is just the beginning. We hope that the story will continue for a long time before we can provide healthy food to Romanians and give Romanian farmers the possibility of a decent life.

Choose healthy!

Tel.: 0774 624 302
E-mail: maron.print@gmail.com

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