The Hoia-Baciu Project is a group of young hiking enthusiasts eager to discover the mysteries and stories surrounding Hoia-Baciu Forest. In guided tours, night or day, you can discover with them one of the most famous places in the world where there is paranormal phenomena, which abounds in mystery and the unexplained!

The Hoia-Baciu Forest lies in the north-western part of Romania, next to Cluj-Napoca. The forest is famous since the ’60 when a local professor started to discover here all kind of paranormal effects. Since long time ago, those who enter into the forest experience all kind of feelings…

The reports about Hoia Baciu Project have included folk ghost stories, apparitions, faces identified in photographs that were not visible with the naked eye, and, in the 1970s, UFO sightings. Visitors to the forest report anxiety and the feeling of being watched, and the local vegetation is often bizarre (strangely shaped trees, charring on tree stumps and branches).
It is said that many peasants were murdered in this forest among time. The legend says that the souls of these ghosts are trapped within the wooded confines of Hoia-Baciu. Another legend says that the name “Baciu” comes from a shepherd who strangely disappeared while being close to the circular plateau deep in the forest (Poiana Rotunda) which is considered by the locals a hub for the paranormal activity.

Program: Monday – Saturday: 9pm – 3am


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