In the historic center of Cluj, on Innocentiu Micu Klein street one can find the smallest restaurant in town, an express restaurant: Kaja Tanya.
Opened almost five years ago, on July 4, 2010, Kaja Tanya started from the idea of ​​friends to have a restaurant where food is cooked like at home. Longing for healthy food that is always fresh, the need for culinary diversity, and a friendly atmosphere where you really feel at home are the things that draw people in this small restaurant in downtown Cluj.
The idea of ​​the daily menu is that there is not only one. Most restaurants in Cluj have a system to provide customers with a daily menu, which typically allows a choice between several alternatives available. What is unique about Kaja Tanya is that not only the daily menu changes from day to day, but also the menu’s specialties, sometimes from hour to hour! In other words, what you eat at Kaja Tanya, might after an hour or two end up being replaced with something else.
This occurs simply because at Kaja Tanya you can effectively find only fresh food. And that means that the food does not lie for too long forgotten on shelves or the fridge until it is cooked and eaten. Everything is fresh and healthy.


Telephone: 0753 931 882

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At Kaja Tanya you benefit from a 10% discount on all food.
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