Physical movement is important for the health of everyone and should not be neglected no matter how busy we are. Kangoo Dance Timisoara offers the chance to take part in training Kangoo Jumps under the motto “Have fun getting fit!”, alongside others interested in this new type of aerobics.
During exercise, it is necessary to use all the muscles in the body, especially thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Exercising regularly helps to remove fat tissue and to develop muscle strength.
You will also have greater precision in coordinating movement and your stamina and mobility will increase. Kangoo Jumps has other benefits including reducing stress, spinal correction, and strengthening invertebrate discs.
The training can be undertaken by anyone, even those who have never practiced aerobics before. Consider wearing high socks or leggings.
Price for 8 sessions is 100 lei (15 lei / session).

Program: Monday – Friday: 6pm – 7pm


0766 536 853

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At Kangoo Dance you recieve a 20% discount on the price of subscriptions. Also, the first session will be free.