Karat Design offers a wide range of jewelry. You can choose between several categories: special jewelry, silver, gold, engraved and handmade products, noting these are only done by order. The jewelry is handmade by an expert jeweler – Corina Mnere. In the store, but also on the site you can find unique jewelry, engraving information, and about jewelry repairs.

Among the special jewelery can be found: silver bracelets, bronze bracelet with crystal, silver earrings, silver necklace, silver necklace with stones, but also simple silver rings without stones. In category “Consignment” you will find: bracelets of yellow gold with diamonds, pearl bracelets, silver earrings with stones, white gold earrings with diamonds, white gold earrings with diamonds and pearls, onyx and pink quartz necklace, amethyst necklace, necklace with pearl bracelet, Agathe necklace with silver, turquoise necklace, and pearl necklace.

Program: Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm; Saturday 10am – 3pm


0269 250 536

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