Although tea culture is not yet very popular and prevalent in our country, Kokoon – Tea Shop & More Sibiu is available for quality tea and much more.
Employees will give precise indications for optimal preparations of the chosen tea, from the ideal temperature to the amount. You can have your chosen product served, with friends or alone in the company of a book or you can buy and enjoy at home. Also, you have our telephone number for orders.
You can choose from 100 specialties of green, black, white, rooibos or assorted teas, with pieces of papaya, mango, or rose buds. At Kokoon, you can find quality coffee and accessories imported from Germany, from mugs, teapots, thermometers, metal filters for tea sets to porcelain, metal, or paper filters.

Program: Monday – Friday: 11am – 2pm   3pm -7pm;   Saturday: 10am – 2pm


0740 354 140

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At Kokoon Tea Shop & More Sibiu you receive a 10% discount on all ranges of tea, but not for other products from the store.
- 10%