Healthy street food? Of course! At Kolbice by Kobe Sausages on no. 4 Memorandumului, Cluj-Napoca.

It is not an illusion, the possibility that as we walk down the street we can fill our empty stomachs in a place that fully complies with all points of a healthy diet. Moreover, all of this in a way that not only favors vegetarians. Although street food is a type of fast food does not necessarily mean that it always refers to unhealthy and fattening food that is totally unfit for human consumption. The true essence of street food is that we can eat quickly and even on the go, and if possible, not necessarily forgoing culinary delights.

Imagine the perfect sausage. Close your eyes. You can already see in front of you and even smell it. You know that its fantastic taste is not a coincidence, but everything was in perfect harmony to achieve this dining experience. It is filled in crispy sheep gut, so do not even think of anything artificial. The filling includes only pure meat and natural spices; it does not contain soy, gluten, or lactose and has not been enriched with flavor enhancers and additives. Kolbice by Kobe Sausages is trusted due to its excellent quality meat and let it be required. Whether the main ingredient is beef from Hungarian Grey Cattle or salmon, the suppliers are companies recognized in Hungary – for example, the beef from Hungarian Grey Cattle comes from Szomor Húsüzem, the pork and duck from Hufi Húsüzem and salmon is assured by Vörös Homár Belvárosi Halpiac.

The cone, apart from sausages, can be served optionally with four kinds of tasty side dishes and sauces. The Kobe Sausages ( have not omitted the detail that everything embodies perfection only if they are fresh, therefore they start preparing and cooking and once the order is made, which means that there is nothing prepared in advance.

“We strive to adapt to modern trends in nutrition and healthy lifestyle so that all who are picky when it comes to dishes to find something to their liking in our offers. In this way we can become closer to our customers – which is another priority for us. “

In addition to continuous product development, Kolbice by Kobe Sausages is in the process of expanding its franchise network. The brand has its origins in Hungary, with more than 10 locations already open in Budapest and became increasingly more powerful. Through its international plan, after Poland, Kolbice by Kobe Sausages opened its first location in Romania, in Cluj-Napoca, on no. 4 Memorandumului Street and will expand the concept of street food renown brand in Prague.


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