Lake Chios is located in the Simion Barnutiu Central Park or Great Park, as it is sometimes called – an oasis of relaxation for Clujeans and one of the attractions that are usually on the list of those who visit Cluj.

The Central Park’s history spans a period of over 185 years, being registered, since 2010, the list of historical monuments in Cluj, prepared by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Romania.

Lake Chios was created in 1865 by the Park Association, who has since taken care of the park. The association is the one who organized the alleys, dug the lake and built the music pavilion. In 1871, the Skating Association has rented the lake, and in 1877 built a wooden pavilion on the island in the middle.

Currently, Lake Chios is one of the main attractions of the both the Central Park and Cluj-Napoca. With the improving weather, the lake is ideal for boating available to Clujeans and tourists eager for some relaxing moments.

Photographers: Vali Achimescu, Stefan Levente Manaszes, Moldovan Luci, Simona Luscalov

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