LIBRIS Brasov has twenty-five years of experience in the business of publishing, promoting and dissemination of books and music. Our development began during the time when readers were in love at first sight with the freedom of expression and publication. We were witnesses as well  actors in this story by taking it further and translating it into dynamic partnerships with the big names among professional editorials in Romania and readers of all generations.

Through the “St.O.Iosif” bookstore, we became an essential landmark in the center of Brasov’s cultural life and developed an active space for the community through numerous book launches with guests from throughout the country and abroad through public lectures and symposiums dedicated to various anniversaries. For us, culture has never been limited to certain areas of convention, which is why we developed events dedicated to reading and music that have surprised Brasovans outside the bookstore: the International Book and Music Fair reached the XIII edition, the folk and poetry festival, The Book and Music festival in Piata Sfatului, now in its fourth edition, etc.

In recent years, LIBRIS has involved itself with updating its dynamic and polyphonic identity and reconfiguring space in which to integrate both comfort of readers and of books: The St. O.Iosif Booktore was renovated with the concept of salons (salons for specialists and events, a salon for children, etc.) that host the monthly book and cinema club meetings, and dozens of diverse cultural events, relocated in the largest bookstore in the country and launched the – a virtual space where reading is extended in chats and in spirit, offers diverse items that complements the bookstore with teas and accessories that give added flavor to cultural experiences.

Out of respect for people, books, and for the diverse preferences of readers, we chose to address reading, film, and music enthusiasts everywhere though the virtual bookstore – – a project that improves every year by offering tens of thousands of titles delivered directly from stock, and a team that capitalizes on loyalty, accessibility, professionalism, and originality.

In 2014, we took the natural step to bring the public closer to literary values and talents through the Libris Editorial project, a reliable partner for writers of all ages and generations.

We continue to count on the values ​​that formed the basis of all our initiatives, investing both in infrastructure and people: independence, experience, passion, creativity, and professionalism.

Through the bookstore in the historic center of the city, 3 book and music lounges, through the virtual bookstore, the house of production, and our own publishing house, Libris is an easily recognizable brand, an important hub with personality in the circuit of ideas, responding to the most varied demanding consumers and creators of culture alike.


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