is a counseling office in the field of fitness and nutrition. A healthy lifestyle includes several elements: rest, a healthy and balanced diet, physical activity, and the elimination of stress. The twentieth-first century is today an effort to cope with all culinary challenges due to culinary marketing. Knowing how to eat, how you sketch a correct nutritional, diversified, and at the same time harmonious eating plan is a challenge for all of us. Thus Lioara Ciugudean comes to meet you to give you suggestions and nutritional sketches to help you to stay as we all want: healthy.

Regardless of your age, is with you!

“For me, to succeed in changing a person’s life is the key to success. The protocol for nutrition in a healthy lifestyle does not mean a starvation diet. You just have to learn how, when, how we eat in a harmonious order so that we should desire to eat healthy foods and tasty. Physical harmony must always completed with physical movement regardless of age. Therefore, say STOP to a sedentary lifestyle and semi-prepared food.”


Telephone: 0741 173 429

Address: No. 75, Dimitrie Cantemir Street, building C6, staircase B, Apartment 22, Oradea, Bihor County, Romania

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