We like to impress! We combine tasty food, good wines, and quality live music in a friendly environment and an atmosphere that will convince you to come back.
We put all of our culinary creativity in LIVADA – Restaurant & Music Lounge and all ours fantasies into a retro architectural design – so we were able to offer customers a delight for both the eyes and the taste buds.
At LIVADA, we put our passion for food and fine taste into each dish that comes out of the kitchen. We are very much pleased when the joy that we put in everything we do reaches out to those who visit us. We know that those who come here seek not only a perfect and memorable dining experience, but also a unique ambiance in Cluj-Napoca. And we are proud of this!

Our location also helps! Located right in the heart of the city, LIVADA is the ideal destination for a party with friends, a family reunion, a business lunch, or a romantic dinner. Finally, our staff is always cheerful and helpful which guarantees an extremely enjoyable experience for everyone who visits.
Cluj is a vibrant city that hides treasures everywhere, many options and places of leisure cafes, tea-houses, restaurants, clubs, each with its own specific charm. We are in constant development and it’s nice to observe the dynamics of Cluj. Livada, contributes to this dynamic process, a smart casual restaurant that has one of the most beautiful terraces in Cluj!

The terrace on Clinicilor street tends to be confused with a wonderful summer garden, especially in this period when shade trees in the orchard has a refreshing vibe and invites us to relax, detach, and take a well-deserved break.
Besides the pleasant atmosphere of the terrace, Livada is also famous among Clujeans due to the culinary specialties that can be found here! The menu is varied, with temptations everywhere and that special recommendations can remembered, for example, Bouillabaisse, a sort of combination of fish soup and seafood a specialty culinary internationally acclaimed and delicious cooked in the kitchen at Livada.

Another famous specialty that you can enjoy at Livada is definitely Chateaubriand! And if you are hungry for culinary originality, try pork with Dijon and Mascarpone mousse that, with delicious dark chocolate cake with vanilla sauce, wraps you in a unique character and flavor!
Everything here invites you to forget the worries and problems, to break away from trouble and spoil yourself with an absolutely delicious meal!

Program:  Monday – Friday: 9am – Midnight; Saturday: 12pm – Midnight


0722 111 115

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